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Creating a map

Mapping the Maze firstly aims to map service provision specifically for women facing homelessness, substance misuse, poor mental health, offending and complex needs in England and Wales.The map was created using data gathered through Freedom of Information requests submitted to public bodies between October 2016 and January 2017, a survey of the voluntary sector conducted January to March 2017 and internet searches up until July 2017. While all efforts have been made to identify services it is possible that some may have been missed. It does not include services commissioned after the dates outlined above.

Developing a model of good practice

Drawing together information from academic research public bodies, service professionals and the women themselves the project also looked to identify what makes a good service for women. The findings from this part of the project are set out in the literature review, the Mapping the Maze report (full version and executive summary are available), and the resources section of this website.